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At Start we take a holistic approach to SEO in Perth and beyond. Among many other factors we consider:

  • Quality and quantity of content
  • Site depth and URL’s
  • Header tags (H1 > H6)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Image size and compression
  • Site speed and load times
  • Quality of backlinks
  • Domain history and trust

Importantly we study your competitive space and gun for the big ticket keywords – the ones that win you real leads.

No Mysterious Ways

Haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Perth Based Team

We’re a Perth based SEO team that understand all the ins and outs of what it takes to help a local business rank on Google.

Results Driven

Just like our hips, our numbers don’t lie. Our team regularly monitor and provide feedback on your traffic with monthly reports.

Google Approved

We follow Google’s website recommendations to a tee, ensuring your site is built to perform and ready to rank.

Zero Geek Speak

Not familiar with Google Analytics? No worries. We’re an easy-going team with a no-geek-talk policy. Drop us a line.

SEO Experts in Perth

More Acronyms to Learn

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Based on Googles recommendations the more a page demonstrates expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, the higher it will rank. We believe this approach to be one of the most important considerations for any SEO campaign. Let’s break it down.

E-A-T is one of the many ways Google tries to ensure that it returns truthful, accurate information to searchers. Anyone can make a website and say whatever they like. You don’t have to be a lawyer to start a website giving legal advice or be a financial advisor to start advising on finance. It’s in Googles best interest to return trustworthy results for users.

It goes without saying then that Google considers the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of the site owner, the text content itself, and the website as a whole. An in depth  legal article written by an experienced lawyer on the Law Council of Australia website holds far more weight than a short, random article blog providing unqualified legal advice.

The E.A.T. approach is so much more than high quality SEO content though. It’s a holistic strategy that requires constant attention and activity. Some of the key areas include:

  • Building trustworthy backlinks. Backlinks from relevant, high-authority domains are one of the best ways to show Google that you are a trusted authority. Think about link opportunities from .gov, .edu and quality .org sites.
  • Keep content up to date. A website should never be a set and forget thing. Perth SEO strategies benefit from regular fresh content. Not only does Google love to see site updates but site visitors will keep coming back for new information. It’s one of the simplest and most powerful SEO activity.

Google regularly updates it’s core search algorithm. By regularly we mean almost weekly. Some updates are huge, some relatively minor. There has been a theme to the most recent updates that focus on improving the user experience.

Activities such as keyword stuffing were penalised long ago not only because it often meant the content made little sense but also because it had a negative effect on the user experience. Mobile responsiveness and site performance have been other significant updates to the SEO algorithm, all of which center on the experience.

The same applies to E.A.T.. It’s another key way for Google to improve the user experience and deliver what users want.

Taking the E.A.T. approach not only helps with Google ranking but, because your content is of the highest quality, it helps to build credibility and trust with your site visitors.

Reviews and testimonials from your clients are another quick and simple way to build trust and authority with your site visitors – especially if those reviews are against your Google profile. By leveraging Googles tools and platforms to help build trust in your broader digital profile you’ll be encouraging Google to boost your own SEO ranking.

Think of your website as your most valued, qualified and trusted employee and Google as the conference you’re sending the employee to. This is SEO.

These ‘EAT’ analogies have reached a new low. Sorry, last one. We promise.

Here are a few tricks that will help to boost your EAT.

  • Content is still King! Publishing strong, read worthy content is the number one way to improve your SEO results, so do some keyword research!  Keyword research allows you to discover what future clients are searching for. Don’t overload your keywords though. The goal is on creating a good reading experience for your clients. Dare we say it but Google is secondary.
  • Enhance your site content by reducing any poor content. If you have a page ton your site that generates minimal traffic, then it is best to reconsider the content or remove the page altogether. If needed then we can provide a Perth SEO copywriter.
  • Avoid making bold statements without any reference to the source or ways to support the statement. We can’t understate the importance of balance here. It’s important to be able to shout about your SEO achievements from the rooftops but only if you can back it up. Anyone can claim to have got a client to the top of page one. It’s important that you can prove this – and have the client to say some kind words as well!
  • Security! Your site’s security plays a huge part in building trust with visitors. A website without a SSL security certificate will instantly ruin the user experience and damage any trust you’re looking to build. Would you leave your personal information or, heaven forbid your credit card details on a site with no domain certificate? Nope! Also, list your physical address – people want to know you have a location and they can ring your bell if they need to.

Grown with organic SEO fertilizer

Customised SEO Solutions

Local Perth SEO

As a Perth based SEO agency we know the importance of ranking locally on Google. Our local SEO strategies help your site rank in the cities and suburbs that are most important to you.


On Page SEO

To build trust with Google we make sure that your website is giving your visitors the information they’re looking for, that code is well structured and that the navigation is logical.


Off Page SEO

We create real, quality, high trust backlinks through content marketing, social media and directory listings. The more channels pointing to your site the more likely you’ll be found.



It’s important to understand who your clients are and how they’re interacting with your website. Our team will provide full Google Analytics support and training as needed.


Making it easy to be found

We are a big results, innovative, nimble, and super experienced marketing led team based in Perth. We specialise in creating solutions and generating leads through a range of digital channels such as organic search, web design, PPC, social media and high quality content creation. Central to everything we do is strong communication and transparency. Our Google Reviews demonstrate the importance we give to clarity and are testament to the level of SEO service we provide.

We’re never satisfied with standard results and we always strive to stay curious, stay creative and find robust solutions to unique challenges. We’re a small team that enjoy solving problems and doing the very best by each other and our clients. This is evident in everything we do.

If you’re losing out to the competition or would like to know why your site ranks where it does, give the team at Start a call. We’re happy to share our knowledge and any insights we may have.

Flexible Packages

We meet our clients where they are, both financially and ranking wise. Start offers flexible SEO packages and solutions, starting from $850 per month. Drop us a line to request our pricing packages or talk about custom solutions!

No Lock In Contracts

Foxtel through to Telstra, we don’t like lock-in contracts. We prefer to earn your business each month, and we’re confident that we will. Unlike most agencies, we promise no lock-in contracts, no hidden small print and no pushy sales people.

Set on Success

Some agencies will be big, cheaper and maybe even funnier (don’t hold your breath though) but we’re confident you won’t find an agency more passionate than Start. We’re obsessed with all things SEO, design, digital, marketing and seeing your business succeed.

Real Reports

When it comes to SEO, we’re as clear as a bell. There’s no fluff, no scary nonsensical reports (just meaningful ones) and no messing around. You’ll know what we’ve done & what’s in the works. On top of our honest, open reporting, we ensure we’re always available to run through metrics and answer any questions that you may have.

Not for Everyone

We’re not a churn and burn agency. If we feel we can generate the results you need and a healthy return on your investment then we’d love to work with you. If we feel we’re not able to generate the best results we’ll let you know and, if possible, recommend the right solutions. We focus on delivering quality to each client.

Walking the walk

We’re straight shooters and want to be involved in successful projects with clients that appreciate building friendly, honest business relationships that operate two-way. We’ll never dodge your calls and emails. We talk so much, we’ll talk your heads off about SEO if you let us, so be warned!

If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, SEO may just seem like another overcomplicated, jargon term. You’re not alone! Here’s why SEO should drive your digital marketing.

Reach New Customers

Our Perth SEO team are here to uncover what your audience is searching for and the best possible keywords that will help to drive traffic to your site.

Sustainable Results

Be rewarded for merit, rather than the depth of your pockets. Whilst paid Google ads may drive fast traffic, as soon as the budgets gone, so will your results.

The Winner Takes It All

ABBA knew the score. There’s no consolation prize for runner up. With less than 1% of searchers venturing to page 2, being on the first page of results is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In summary, SEO ensures your website presents information and content in a way that can be easily understood by search engines, such as Google. Among other things this information needs to be well structured, trustworthy and quick to load.

The goal of our SEO work is to ensure your site is displayed as high as possible on Google for phrases that your future clients use. Some of the work we do includes:

  • Making sure your content is relevant
  • Compressing and resizing all images and videos
  • Tagging your content so it can be discovered on Google
  • Ticking all the technical SEO boxes – site speed, structured data, XML sitemaps,
  • Building links with trustworthy sites to help build your site authority

How long does SEO take?

We consider SEO work to be ongoing and anticipate you’ll start seeing positive movements within 3-6 months. However, it’s unlikely that these steps forward will see you ranking first on Google, especially for competitive keywords. Typically we recommend an SEO plan of 6 – 24 months.

We recently wrote an article called ‘A Guide to SEO for the impatient’. In it we say that the more Google trusts your site and content, the higher your site will rank. Just like in the real world trust is earned and takes time. Through constantly ensuring your site meets with the steps to a Google friendly site you’ll be constantly moving upward.

Does my business need SEO?

This all depends on the purpose of your site. If you’re not worried about ranking on Google and you don’t want leads through your website then nope, you probably don’t need SEO.

If you’re in a competitive sector and you want your website to win you new clients then absolutely, you need to consider SEO as a way to grow your audience. You can bet that your competitors will be doing SEO.

We believe that SEO is important to your business survival and is one of the smartest ways to build awareness of your business over a long term. People trust organic ranking because it’s based on merit and demonstrates you value open communication.

Why can't we just do Google Ad's?

You can! Google Ads is a great way of building immediate, effective traffic – especially if you have a great ad strategy. That said, we find that a combination of Google Ads and SEO can work incredibly well by attracting two types of searchers – those that click on Ads and those that prefer to scroll down to organic rankings.

We have written a few articles that may help you decide whether you need one or the other – or both:

Organic SEO vs Google Ads : Which one should I use?

7 Reasons why your business should use Google Ads

Can I do my own SEO?

With our websites you have full administrative access to your site so, yes, you can manage your SEO work. There are lots of moving parts to an SEO strategy and it’s not easy but we do have some guides that may help you get going. Whether you’re looking for a Perth SEO agency to manage your local ranking or a team that understand how to rank nationally, the SEO team at Start are here to help!

Googles Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Starter Guide

9 Easy Ways to Boost your SEO

A Beginners Guide to SEO

How to optimise images for the web

What about using one of the cheap overseas companies that cold call us?

We recommend avoiding any company or individual that offers cheap, shortcut options to an SEO strategy. There are no shortcuts in SEO and anyone that promises otherwise should be given a wide berth.

SEO relies on a strong understanding of the local and national space. If your business is providing business to Australian residents then a good knowledge of local SEO practices is vital to success.

How will SEO help my business?

High Return on Investment

Studies show that SEO—when executed by experts—yields a higher return on investment than any other digital marketing strategy. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok included.

On-Going Outcomes

Given the long-term nature of SEO, it continues to reap rewards even if the budget goes on a break. On-going success is a mark of SEO; clients continue to benefit months and years after their campaign.

Cut Out Your Competition

SEO is a popular marketing option. If your competitors are on page one of Google then you can be sure they’re engaging someone for SEO. Perth SEO will either take you to the level of your closest local competitors or elevate you. Who wouldn’t want that?

Future of Web

Our society is growing more and more dependent on search engines like Google. While other channels may change in popularity and style, SEO will always be a significant marketing channel for every business concerned with growth.

Enhanced User Experience

SEO will enhance your website’s content, navigation and performance. Ultimately, this will increase the experience each user has with your business. Our SEO will help you better encourage leads to engage and convert.

Better Site Performance

A website’s performance has never been more influential in whether a lead stays or leaves, converts or goes with a competitor. All the best SEO solutions involve boosting your site’s performance and speed.