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Has your website lost its rankings out of nowhere? Wait, your site has seemingly vanished from all of Google? If so, there’s a chance your website has been struck with a penalty. Before you let the P-work freak you out, rest assured as you’re at the right place. Start Digital are Perth experts in penalty recovery and dedicated to bringing back your visibility, swiftly and with minimal stress.

If your site is experiencing a loss in traffic and rankings, the best thing to do is not freak out but first determine what’s caused this decline. A reduction in traffic and visibility isn’t always caused by a penalty. In many cases, a drop in traffic can be a result of crawling and/or servers issues, seasonal changes impacting customer behaviour and even algorithm changes. Our first task in the recovery process is to confirm a penalty is in play and determine whether it’s a Manual Action or Algorithmic Penalty.

Identifying The Issue

What Were We Hit With?

A website can be hit with a Manual Action or Algorithmic Penalty. Confused about what either of those terms mean? We’ve got you covered!

Manual Actions

Google contracts 10,000+ search quality raters to help evaluate its search results. If a rate sees some red flags on your site, they can issue a manual action against you. According to Google, most actions address attempts to manipulate rankings on their search index. (If you’re not doing nothing wrong, you won’t be penalised!) Google is extremely transparent about manual actions and will notify you through Google Search Console (if you have an account) about the action: why it was taken and how to fix the issue.

Algorithmic Penalty

Google creates algorithmic changes to prevent spam and violations. Unlike manual actions, algorithmic penalties don’t come with a messaging informing you about the penalty. In order to confirm you’ve been hit with an algorithmic penalty, an investigation and utilisation of platforms like Google Analytics and Google Search Console will help confirm and identify the penalty type. Penguin and Panda, whilst older algorithmic penalties are still impacting sites today and are likely to be the causes.

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If you’re suffering from a suspected penalty, don’t hesitate to contact our Perth penalty recovery team today. We will swiftly investigate the issue, determine the cause, execute remedial actions and recover the site as quickly as possible.

With our laser-sharp focus on minimising the impact of the penalty, you’ll be in good hands here at Start Digital.