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When we’re talking to leads about their projects, comments such as “we NEED a website that is mobile-friendly” and “we want a website that works on mobile” come up often. If we’re honest, most of the time we chuckle at that because it’s 2019 people! Gone are the days where websites can afford not to be responsive. At Start Digital, all of the sites we develop, whether multi-sites or a single landing page, are mobile-friendly and adapt (responsive) to all display sizes from desktop, down to tablet and mobile devices. Being mobile-friendly in 2019 is no longer a request or option – it’s a must.

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Why bother being friendly?

In simple, a mobile-friendly website refers to those which are responsive to different displays, making its content (text, images, videos and links) easily and readily accessible always. Over the last decade, being mobile-friendly has rapidly become an essential requirement for a good, converting website. Why? Well, for many reasons such as nearly 60% of web traffic comes from a mobile, boosted customer expectations of businesses and digital experiences, being compliant creates a better impression of your business, overwhelming competition and search engine ranking. (Google is so fixed on a site being mobile-friendly, from September 2018, most websites will be crawled and ranked off their mobile versions to reflect society’s increasing mobile preference and usage.) In short, a mobile-friendly website enhances a user’s experience, and studies indicate that greater the experience, higher the chances for leads, engagement and conversions.

At Start Digital, we don’t just follow standard best practice and develop mobile-friendly and responsive websites. We go a step further and incorporate mobile-friendliness and good, positive user experience in all of our designing. Consequently, we ask ourselves questions other agencies don’t such as –

  • Should we modify this feature slider as it’s not going to display on tablet and mobile as nicely as it does desktop?
  • Is there enough padding between this paragraph and the call-to-action button when used on mobile?
  • Will these image columns appeared unnaturally stretched when viewed on a tablet?
  • Will these pages load swiftly and properly when used on anything but an average-sized desktop?

Get mobile-friendly

What is the point of a website if it’s not to generate a positive user experience? By combining experienced and technical smarts in our development and creative and user-focused principles when designing, Start Digital creates websites that tick both boxes for mobile-friendliness – functionality and aesthetics!

85% of adults are reported to believe a company’s website when viewed on mobile should be just as good, if not better than the desktop version. Further, nearly 60% of users saying they wouldn’t recommend a poorly designed website on mobile to anyone. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, now is the time to change that! (You can check if a website is mobile-friendly with Google’s free testing tool –