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Tools Used

  • Midjourney
  • Photoshop
  • Firefly
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Creating Coronation after party AI images using Midjourney

Who doesn’t love a good party? Good tunes, epic outfits and way better moves than Jagger (IYKYK).

We used the latest version of Midjourney (5.1), to create a set of (kinda) real photo’s from an imagined party at Windsor Palace. By using prompts detailing the camera angle, frame, ISO, aperture, lighting style and camera type, we were able to get a set of images that felt pretty close to the real thing. Who knew the King got moves…….

When posted across multiple accounts the images picked up over 3 million views on TikTok, 300,000 shares on Facebook and were featured news stories on outlets such as Vanity Fair in Italy, Metro UK, Morning Sunrise here in Oz and countless global shows and outlets about the ways in which AI is currently being used. That’s about as close to (we’re about to say it…..) viral (urgghhh) as you can get in 2023.


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