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Our Design Resources

We’re constantly diving into these design resources to stay on top of the latest web, design and marketing trends.  From layouts to fonts to colours, we soak up inspiration from various sites, ensuring we’re always on top of the latest and greatest in the design world.

Web Design

These web design resources are our bread and butter, fuelling our daily inspiration for a variety of clients. From sleek layouts to trendy web designs, they keep us on our toes, ensuring our designs are always fresh and exciting.

Design Inspiration:

  • SiteInspire:
    A go-to for a diverse range of web design inspiration.
  • Lapa.Ninja:
    Curated collection of web design from digital creators worldwide.
  • Awwwards:
    Recognising the best from top global web agencies and a goldmine for fresh layout ideas.
  • Internet Gems:
    Modern web designs that are a bit more unique then your average site.
  • Australian Web Awards:
    Celebrating outstanding work by Australian web professionals across various disciplines.
  • Landbook:
    Daily curations of hand-picked web design inspiration with handy components and templates.
  • Curations of Curations:
    Some of the web’s best curation sites. Lots of great resources here!

UX/ UI Tips:

  • UX Hints:
    Bite-sized hints and cheat sheets to keep your UX design game strong.
  • UI Guidelines:
    Handy for maintaining naming conventions with UI components, especially for our devs.

Chrome Extensions:

  • CSS Peeper:
    Peek behind the scenes of any site for colours, fonts, images and more.
  • SEO Meta:
    Provides a one-click SEO overview of any site you’re visiting (identifies how many H1’s – H6’s you’ve got).
  • What Font:
    Discover fonts on any site. Hover over the text to specifically view the font.
  • Colour Zilla:
    Quickly discover any colour used on a website and grab the hex code.
  • Wappalyzer:
    Dive into the technologies used on websites, perfect for the nitty-gritty dev side.
  • Colour Contrast Checker:
    It’s all about accessibility with web design – gotta check that text/background contrast.
  • Designer Daily Report:
    Your daily dose of cool design finds in one handy chrome extension.

AI Resources

Since the introduction of the internet, no technical innovation has moved as quickly as AI. Be sure to check our ‘Definitive Guide to Generative AI in 2024′!

Cutting-Edge AI Tools:

  • Midjourney:
    You’ll often find Neil playing around on here. Take a dive into the realm of advanced generative AI and create high-quality images with just a few simple text prompts.
  • Dall•E 3:
    Open AI’s image generation tool, seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT.
  • Adobe Firefly:
    Use generative AI and simple text prompts to bring your ideas to life.
  • Clipdrop:
    Transform the way you work with AI-powered image processing. Remove backgrounds, clean up pictures, upscale images and more
  • Leonardo AI:
    Explore the depths of your creativity with this generative AI tool.
  • ElevenLabs:
    Text to speech and AI voice generator.
  • Runway:
    Advancing creativity with AI you can convert text, images, and video into video.
  • ChatGPT:
    Your AI companion for diverse conversational experiences.
  • Claude:
    Next generation AI assistant.
  • Gemini:
    Google’s new AI where you can chat to supercharge your ideas, write, learn, plan and more.


Our selection of top-notch font resources, carefully handpicked to elevate your next design project. Whether you’re seeking trendy typefaces or timeless classics, we’ve got you covered with a diverse range of options.

  • Fontshare:
    Quality free fonts that can be used for personal & commercial use.
  • Google Fonts:
    Another great library of free fonts that are also web-friendly.
  • Adobe Fonts:
    Unlock a vast library of over 25,000+ fonts, offering advanced features like font scanning and matching for seamless integration into your projects.
  • Type Wolf:
    Stay ahead of the curve with Type Wolf’s selection of trending fonts, with links on where to download.
  • Open Foundry:
    A free platform for curated open-source typefaces.
  • Pangram Pangram:
    Really nice fonts – you can try some out for free.
  • Dirtyline Studio:
    These guys are a type and graphic design studio that sell some cool fonts
    Great library of free fonts.

Design Assets

Creative Assets:

  • Creative Market:
    You’ve seen it all over Pinterest – Creative Market has millions of fonts, graphics, templates and more.
  • Envato Elements:
    With unlimited access to stock videos, templates, music, photos, illustrations and fonts. it’s the ultimate subscription-based creative playground.
  • BLKMarket:
    A new design resource we’ve recently come across, offering photoshop plugins, high res textures, mockups and just lots of cool stuff.


  • Bendito:
    Elevate your designs with Bendito’s stunning mockup collection.
    Higher quality, elevated mockups for the new age of design presentations. Real photography and shadows, layered PSD files with smart objects.


  • Craftwork:
    Design resources for everyone, has a great range of high-quality 3D and vector illustrations, fonts, designs and mockups.
  • Wannathisone:
    1200+ creative assets including 3D illustrations and mockups.
  • Get Illustrations:
    Huge library of vector illustration packs

Media Resources

  • iStock:
    High-quality images and graphics that can work for a wide range of industries when stock photos are needed.
  • Unsplash:
    Jump into a vast collection of stunning, user-generated photos ideal for social posts, web and ads.
  • Pexels:
    Another great library of free high-quality user-generated images and videos.
  • Dupe:
    User-generated looking photos, great for social posts and ads
  • Squoosh:
    Our favourite image compression tool and .webp converter
  • XConvert:
    Great video compression tool


There’s millions of icon libraries out there, but these are some of our go to favourites we use across different projects.

  • Icon Buddy:
    Download, customise, edit and personalise over 200k+ open source icons, perfect for web design projects.
  • Hero Icons:
    Hand-crafted SVG icons that are super versatile – another favourite for clean web icons.
  • Icon Scout:
    Millions of vector icons, svgs, illustrations, 3D graphics and lottie animations!
  • Flat Icon:
    Free icons and stickers

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