Craft a visual narrative that resonates with your audience through stunning website photography

Take your website to the next level

A picture speaks a thousand words to your audience

We believe a picture tells a thousand words. As the online competitive space heats up, it’s increasingly important to use powerful, authentic images to tell your story. Content might be king in today’s day and age, but it’s images that make your website’s design leap from the screen and capture prospective customers.

As a potential client first lands on your website, you have only a few seconds to convince them to stay. (Studies suggest as few as 3 seconds…) Consequently, it’s important to make a good first impression. A killer image alongside a strong call to action can be a powerful tool, but striking that right combination is challenging.

A quick browse through any of the main stock image websites will vacuum hours of your valuable time and, in the case of some stock image sites, cost you hundreds of dollars.

We work closely with our clients and our Perth based photography team to craft an overall vision for the website that incorporates great images, on brand colours and web fonts. Given the way site visitors will be viewing the images, website photography requires a slightly different approach than normal landscape and portrait. We give consideration to the need for text space within an image and a good visual balance of people and location.

Custom photos & experience

Stand out with the right snaps

We strongly recommend utilising images of your business and/or product wherever possible. Authentic images not only portray a story but also build credibility and trust off the bat. After all, nothing says ‘real business’ better than showing a real team doing real work.

At Start Digital, we provide a fully resourced photography service that can help showcase your business in the best possible way. Our solutions are flexible and provide options for all types of businesses and budgets. We are happy to visit your workplace or site. Additionally, we can also provide a studio service for a more streamlined, professional look.

Set on stock photography?

From using beautiful animated sliders and flexible image galleries through to descriptive images and infographics, images help describe your business in a way that no other medium can. We’re advocates for authenticity and recommend steering clear of bland, vanilla images. At Start, we encourage each and every business to embrace what makes them unique. Some call it letting the freak flag fly – we just say be yourself.

Sometimes, though authentic photos aren’t possible due to cost, convenience and other matters. If so, licensed images will play an integral part of your website’s design. Our creative team has years of experience in trawling image websites and can use the leading stock sites to find the right mix of images that align with your brand and tell an engaging story.