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User experience (commonly known as its abbreviation, UX) defines the experience – whether excellent, a nightmare or in between – a user undergoes when interacting with your website. UX is the most important part of a website and is highly influential in lead generation and conversions for not just you but your competitors too. Much like a bad experience with a competitor brings prospective clients to your site, a poor UX on your website will have potential customers waving goodbye. At Start Digital, promoting the best possible user experience for all of your audiences is a part of every single thing we do.

What causes poor user experiences?

Given the subjectivity of websites, there are so many things that could cause a poor user experience for an individual. Some of the most common problems include:

  • (Objectively) bad and severely out of date design
  • Not being mobile-friendly
  • Inadequate performance caused by slow loading speeds
  • Over the top, aggressive marketing tactics (like overkill with pop-ups)
  • Functionality issues such as broken links
  • Issues with complicated navigation and flow from page to page

All that matters

UX isn’t just a web design thing. Goes well beyond colours, line heights and layout designs. At Start Digital, UX is a principle that’s at the forefront of all of our design and development decisions because if we’re not helping your business facilitate a great user experience than what’s the point of a website? We never compromise a user’s experience – not for a timeline, budget or anything else. Some of the tools in which we utilise to promote good, positive and purchasing-increase experiences for your users include:

  • Years of experience in the web design and development industry
  • Branding, copywriting and research
  • Information architecture (IA) planning and navigation planning
  • Utilising user interface (UI) and modern web design trends
  • Responsive development of projects
  • Wireframes for larger products (we’ve been in the game long enough not to need to wireframe every single project)

Websites with good experiences

While the Internet offers a lot, the wide web isn’t a place for (too many) second chances. A recent study saw nearly 90% of people say they wouldn’t return to a website after a bad experience with that business’ site. Getting your website right and promoting a positive user experience for all users is essential in today’s digital environment.

Are you after a website which your target audience engages in, enjoys, returns and recommends? If so, Start Digital is the web development agency to partner up with.