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Be seen everywhere online with Google Display Ads

Millions of advertisers and businesses utilise Google Ads to rocket their digital presence. Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform has repeatedly proven to generate results for businesses of all sizes, locations, industries and budgets. Inside the wild world of Google’s PPC are two different networks – Search and Display. Where the Search Network is concerned with meeting audiences during that phase, the Display Network is all about meeting prospective leads, anytime and everywhere via non-search engine pages!

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Google’s Display Network (GDN) is estimated to reach a tremendous 90% of global internet users and can showcase your business on several sources, including YouTube and AdSense sites. In a nutshell, GDN essentially pops your ads into a website that’s either chosen by yourself or Google’s placements algorithm. Our Perth PPC agency specialises in Display Network campaigns that showcase your business and products/services to the right audiences – those likely to convert – for the right price!

Strategising for success!

Local PPC management done right

All of our PPC campaigns are spearheaded by Google Ads certified individuals who know the ins and outs of the platform. Best of all, the team knows what’s needed to get results without breaking the bank. We offer a holistic PPC management service, providing several solutions that help your organisation seize all that Google’s Display Network has to offer.

PPC Management

From keywords (contextual) and topics (placements), ad scheduling through to bidding, we’ll craft together a results-driven pay-per-click strategy for you. We’ll also maintain the campaign daily to make each one better than before.

Visual Content

Our graphic and video content creators will make captivating, engaging, fresh and on-brand visual assets that will capture attention regardless of where they appear on the Display Networks.

Ad Copy

Combining experience, research and Ads smarts, we’ll script click-worthy 270-character text (which sometimes isn’t even all shown) ads for your business.

Landing Pages

Trusted by 100’s of Australian businesses for web design and development, our team can assist with enhancing the effectiveness of your ads’ landing pages.

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Ads on the display network

GDN offers a variety of ad formats such as text, image, app promotion and video ads, alongside many features and options such as targeting through keywords or topics, to help its users make the campaign as successful as possible. When utilising Google’s Display Network, there’s a range ad types that can be called upon to connect with select audiences, including:

  • Responsive Display Ads: Are partially automated and optimised ads, Google assembles the content together out of the assets – images, headlines, logos, videos and descriptions – provided.
  • Uploaded Images Ads: Visual ads that have been created in-house. Can be a variety of different sizes or HTML5 files.
  • Engagement Ads: Refers to engaging ads – both image and videos – that are run on YouTube and across Google’s Display Network.
  • Gmail Ads: Are expandable ads shown on the top of an individual’s Gmail inboxes.