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Video Marketing Perth

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Engage with prospective leads more directly with video marketing!

The stats are in. Society as a whole, find videos more engaging and interesting than any other type of content. With each passing day, more and more businesses are using video marketing to cut through the saturated world of content and capture the attention of their target audiences. As a content marketing agency, Start Digital helps businesses like yours produce professional videos – whether corporate videos, product explainers or 15-second social media teasers – which engage your audience, increase brand credibility and generate interest.

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How can we help?

As for all of our content marketing solutions, our approach to video marketing is all dependent on your specific business needs. Our digital agency contains talented creators in a range of digital/media fields, making it possible for us to help with everything. We’ve got a video marketing solution for each and every business.


What type of content? A once-off video or series? Our digital marketing strategists will craft together a results-driven, thought-out video marketing strategy for your business.

Content Development

From crafting the script, producing background beats to recording and editing, our Perth-based team of content creators will create your visual content.

Digital Marketing

Our Perth digital agency will help create and implement measurable marketing strategies, whether social media or PPC based, to help promote your videos to relevant audiences.

Web Developers

Start’s web gurus can create landing pages and/or inclusions on your current website to complement the video marketing strategy for lead generation.

videos matter more than you think

Why is video marketing is important?

Videos are no longer something a business might make but slowly becoming a necessity. If your business is looking to generate more interest, leads and conversions, video content is the way to go. Video marketing:

  • Helps keep your business competitive as 81% of companies are reported to be using video of marketing tools (which has grown significantly from over 63% in 2017)
  • Can assist with endeavours to increase search visibility (Google loves videos and rewards businesses for using them)
  • Connects with customers in their preferred way; visually – studies show as much as 95% higher retention for videos than compared to reading text
  • Provides an opportunity to educate individuals and the market, building credibility for your organisation
  • Video marketing encourages social shares like no other type of content which broaden the original audience reach