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eCommerce is a big trillion industry – 3.5 to be exact (as of 2019 forecasts for the year). In Australia alone, our country spent nearly $30 billion on online shopping in the last year. With so much opportunity online, it’s not surprising that with each passing day, more and more businesses are utilising Google Shopping Ads to generate greater sales. Google Ads is a PPC platform that allows a business to advertise in a number of ways, including showcasing all of the products your business has to offer the market.

With Google Shopping Ads, your ads can appear across the web on many platforms including, Google Shopping, Google Search and Partner websites along the Google Display Network. (If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen a Shopping ad in this browsing period.) Start Digital is an experienced Google Ads agency who are well-equipped to help you sell more products via Google Shopping Ads.

Certified with Google

Google shopping ads support

Our Google Certified PPC agency offers holistic support for all pay-per-click campaigns, whether Shopping, Search or Display Network-based. While every client’s Google Ads campaign will differ, our focus remains the same with each – generating more leads and sales for your Perth business. Our Shopping Ads service includes:

Google Merchant Centre Setup

Any business interested in leveraging Google Shopping Ads will need a Google Merchant Centre account. Not only will we create this account, we will also set up your business’ shopping feeds.

Google Ads Setup

We’ll set up your Google Ads account, campaign, ad groups, keywords, strategy and everything else. With both the Merchant Centre and Ads accounts made, we’ll link the two together and get the ads running!

Execution + Optimisation

With daily monitoring and optimisation, Start Digital guarantees that we’ll make the most out of every cent spent – talk about bang for your buck!

Campaign Reporting

While you’ll see the results from sales, website traffic, customer engagement and more, we provide professional reports so you know exactly what’s going on with your Shopping Ads campaign.

the right time is today!

More visibility, more sales

Google processes over 40,000 searchers per second – just imagine the opportunities Google possesses to help your business sell more products. With game-changing benefits like connecting with warmer, more qualified leads, enhancing your business’ presence, campaign flexibility and intense targeting, Google Shopping Ads is a tool your business can’t ignore! With Start Digital running your Google Shopping Ads campaign, we won’t just get your business noticed but more importantly, eCommerce sales from it!