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From YouTube videos, Instagram posts to Buzzfeed articles, society is consuming content like never before. An in-depth website, active social media accounts, and maintaining a blog/resources hub, are some of the ways your business can provide content and engage your audience. In the coming years, fat content such as eBooks will begin to dominate the in-bound marketing world.

An eBook presents all business, from small locals to Fortune 500’s, the opportunity to showcase your experience, knowledge, products and/or services, alongside an understanding of the market/industry. As a result, this content provides a great chance to engage with past and prospective customers, curious minds and the industry while generating leads, credibility and trust in the process. In a society where content is king, an authoritative, insightful, valuable, well-designed and promote eBook can be a game-winning checkmate move!

Why spend time on ebook creation?

While an eBook does take significant time to develop, the document is both abundant in both words and benefits. Some of the reasons why Intercom, HubSpot through to Microsoft and even our own digital agency, took the time to develop an eBook include:

  • Can generate leads, especially if a generation funnel is in place such as exchanging details like an email address and company name for the valuable document
  • Works to inform an audience on a (or multiple) matter/s which can help push individuals through the consumer purchasing decision journey
  • Works alongside existing marketing content (such as case studies and guides) and strategies to boost their impact
  • Boosts credibility and if executed correctly, can help a business establish itself as an authoritative source and industry leader
  • Acts as a content making machine with eBook content being easily repurposed into blogs, social media posts and videos
  • Production costs compared to other marketing strategies such as radio advertisements, print releases and billboards, often very inexpensive
  • Can increase organic presence and traffic to your website

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How can we help?

With all of our digital solutions, our approach to eBook creation and development depends on your specific business needs. Our talented local team are experienced in a range of digital/media fields.


Our team of local, experienced copywriters can assist with writing and editing. We can work together, provide assistance when desired or write the entire thing ourselves!

Content Development

With a full-creative team behind us, Start Digital can create all of the eBook’s content from the publication itself through to graphicsvisual identity and so forth.

Digital Agency

As a full-suite digital agency, our Perth team implement results-driven marketing strategies, whether social media or PPC based, to help promote your eBook to the relevant audiences.

Web Development

Our team of web designers and developers can create landing pages (on both your website or independent webpages) for your eBooks for lead generations and analytics.

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Now’s the time to get writing

Countless studies concur with us – content marketing is nowhere near its peak of connecting with customers, past and prospective. eBooks are an increasingly impactful strategy for generating leads, establishing oneself as an industry leader amongst more. As a full-suite digital marketing agency, Start Digital can help your business create the perfect results-driven, well-written and designed eBook. What can an eBook do for your business? Why don’t you drop us a line so we can find out?