Embark on a Roman culinary journey at Garum. Buon Appetito! 


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Buon appetito!

Garum, an Italian restaurant jointly owned by the Westin Hotel and renowned celebrity chef Guy Grossi, is a culinary gem that celebrates Roman classics within the heritage-listed Hibernian Hall. With its hearty food, impeccable service, and exceptional cocktail range, Garum offers a dreamlike experience for both Aperitivo enthusiasts and Perth foodies alike.

We embarked on a collaborative journey with Garum, working closely with their existing style guide to ensure their brand was memorable and distinctively rolled out across socials. By incorporating symbols of the Roman she-wolf and Garum fish illustrations, along with their designated colour palette and font, we were able to create a cohesive visual identity that resonated with Garum’s rich heritage and culinary excellence.

To engage their target audience and drive Aperitivo and dinner reservations, we created photography mood boards that served as a creative guide for developing captivating and enticing content. These mood boards enabled us to curate visually appealing imagery that showcased Garum’s incredible cuisine, inviting ambiance, and signature cocktails.

The Garum social strategy started with an idea, and all good ideas start with the people!

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