Introducing Nexus Airlines, connecting regional Western Australia


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Connecting Western Australia’s regions, hubs, and cities, creating greater access for all and enabling all corners of WA to thrive. 

We’re thrilled to present the latest website for Nexus Airlines, the latest launch from Kimberley Experiences (Aviair Pty Ltd) that’s connecting regional Western Australia.

Leveraging drool-worthy photography from our picturesque state, we designed and developed a bespoke, lightning fast & user-friendly website that makes booking a flight within regional WA an absolute breeze.

“We were stoked with the work Start Digital did for us, their design was amazing and they managed to capture digitally what we were trying to achieve on the ground. They were super responsive and a dream to work with.”

Rosie, Sales & Marketing Manager

Nexus Airlines

Introducing Nexus Airlines

Packed full of stunning photography showcasing the best in the West, Nexus Airlines is truly one of a kind. We helped bring the brand vision to life by weaving in the river lines, signature Kimberley ochres, and dots that symbolise the elegant movement of dance in Indigenous Australian culture. Pair these elements with thoughtful hover states, clear navigation, and attention to the user journey and you’ve got yourself a killer website.