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In the world of websites, a migration can refer to a wide variety of changes including transitioning from Joomla’s platform to WordPress, a switch from a .com URL to .com.au through to completely revamping a website’s entire design. It’s standard for businesses to go through a, if not multiple, migrations throughout their life cycle.

A migration can cause reductions in user experiences, declines in search visibility and even broken websites if implemented incorrectly. With Start Digital in charge of your migration, there’s nothing to worry about – we specialise in successful migrations! Our agency possesses a wealth of experience with website migrations and is committed to correctly executed, hassle-free, strategic and transparent migrations.

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What Types of Migration

Our local Perth-based team of digital technicians & web wizards are well experienced in and equipped for a range of website migrations including:

Website Migration

Involves changes in the hardware, infrastructure and/or server related to a website, i.e. moving to a new hosting provider and adding a Content Delivery Network.

Software Migration

Any change to the software which serves your website to users, i.e. changing from a content management system (CMS) like Adobe Business Catalyst and Joomla to WordPress.

Domain Migration

A change that alters the URL(s) used to access a website, i.e. adding or removing subdomains.

Template Migration

Any adjustments to the HTML templates used within a site, i.e. modifying layouts and structures of internal pages.

Content Migration

Only relevant (and applicable) when there’s a vast amount of content which needs to be only modified, i.e. application of translation functionality across all content.

Design Migration

A large-scale change to the visuals of a site, i.e. revamping the entire design of your website.

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Start Digital has successfully migrated countless designs, domains, hosting, software and templates for businesses throughout Australia. Whether you’re looking to change to WordPress, migrate to .com.au or redesign your entire site, we’ve got a solution for you that won’t impact functionality, performance, search engine visibility or user experiences. Get in touch today to start your successful migration!