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Our local team of web development genius’ can build just about anything via code. However, we frequently rely upon plugins and platform integrations to maximise the richness of a site’s functionality (without blowing out the budget and timeline for custom development). From eCommerce plugins through to social media feeds and booking platforms, Start Digital is well-equipped to integrate a range of platforms and plugins into your website!

Platform/plugin integrations

Integrations are nothing new to Start Digital. (Nor is it something we turn our nose up to.) Since our very first site, we’ve been incorporating plugins and platforms to help enrich the site’s design and functionality, including:

  • Crazy Frog, Google Analytics through to Google Tag Manager for analytic, data and tracking purposes
  • WooCommerce to help countless businesses, big and small, facilitate easy and seamless eCommerce
  • MailChimp and Campaign Monitor for those interested in lead capturing and exploring the benefits of email marketing
  • ASX feeds (licensed API) for publicly listed companies and those with audiences interested in the stock market
  • Book It, Centaur and EventBrite amongst others for booking of workshops, dentist appointments, front-row seats to creative art events and more
  • Accessibility and translation tools for one of WA’s largest mental health carer support groups, HelpingMinds
  • A central depository for all staff in the form of SharePoint
  • A collection of creative Typeforms for the innovation-focused, Inventium
  • Social media feeds for essentially all of our sites (given the client uses social)

Time to get plugged in

Upon being approached for a platform integration, Start Digital will evaluate the options (either presented or researched) – for the functionality desired. We will determine a long-list of things, including:

  • Can the functionality be achieved via code?
  • Is the suggested platform/plugin integration compatible with the content management system and existing plugins used?
  • Will the integration impact on performance (which is essential for businesses interested in ranking)?
  • What are the work requirements needed to integrate this functionality properly?

As long as it’s effective, possible (compatibility with a CMS and other plugins) and safe (reliability), there’s essentially nothing we can’t integrate into your website. We believe in the use of integrations (if they are the right ones) to enhance your website’s functionality and are always here to help.

Are you interested in increasing the capacity of your site? If so, Start Digital is the agency to call.