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Reach more prospective leads with email marketing!

Over the last decade (specifically), email marketing has rapidly risen into one of the most utilised methods of communication and marketing, digital and otherwise. Why? Because email marketing offers businesses such as yours, the incredible opportunity to directly connect with past and prospective customers and with this direct connection comes countless benefits.

According to an in-depth study by CampaignMonitor, email marketing offers an extremely high return on investment – for every $1 spent, the ROI can be as high as $44. With returns that high, it’s no surprise email marketing is a content strategy that businesses can no longer ignore. But it’s not just as simple as sending any old email. Here at Start Digital, we specialise in designing and developing email campaigns which don’t just connect with select audiences but build rapport, relationships, interest and measurable-results.

Reasons why email marketing has a high ROI

Wait, what? A ROI of up to 44 times? How is possible that email marketing has such a high return on investment? Here’s how, email marketing:

  • Helps build authority and credibility with an audience via the content shared
  • Fosters greater rapport and relationships with audiences
  • Very frequently generates not just attention and interest but more importantly, actions – traffic, bookings, calls, purchases and more!
  • Is a relatively inexpensive strategy with platforms such as MailChimp even offering free email plans for select businesses
  • Keeps your business competitive as recent studies indicate nearly 50% of businesses are already using a degree of EDM automation (and not just marketing)
  • Meets audiences in their preferred method of communication and on mobile

Start sending emails that connect

While some agencies just put together an email and hit send, we only start creating once we’re confident we’re not leaving your business success in the hands of fate and luck. All of our email campaigns (and all other work) begin with research so we can be confident that our creation – copywriting and visuals – and execution will engage its audience and generate actual results.

Content Creation

Upon determining the strategy, Start’s creators get to business. Our experienced copywriters will write text that people actually want to read. Our branding and graphic design team will produce all the content needed to make your email stand out from the thousands in your audience’s inbox.


Our website design and development team will assist with all things websites and email marketing. From integrating an EDM platform into your website through to developing a sign-up popup that’s incorporated throughout the site, we’ll help increase the impact (specifically reach) of your email campaigns.


Will take your email campaigns to another level and work towards increasing a customer’s lifetime value. We’ll help execute (content development and implementation) email automation for events such as welcoming new subscribers, offering birthday greetings (and even better gifts!), encouraging shopping cart recovery, thank you’s and much more.


We don’t just stop once an email is sent. Once a campaign has been launched, we’ll begin the analytics. Utilising a number of tools, Start will identity a number of insights, including the number of emails sent, percentage of opened emails, individuals with the highest engagement and segments with the lowest, to increase the actions caused by the next mail-out.

Get business sent to yours

Without a doubt, email marketing has become one of the most impactful content marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes and industries. At Start Digital, we combine customer-focused copywriting, engaging design and marketing insights to develop emails which don’t just increase attention and interest, but more importantly, business.

Are you interested in seeing what an email can do for your business? Drop us one today and we’ll see!