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Shopify is a digital subscription application that allows people to create websites and manage products, inventory, payments and shipping online. Arriving in the market well before its main competitors, Magento and WordPress (amongst others), Shopify is a prevalent eCommerce solution – reports indicate it’s used in every country of the world and powers nearly 1 million stores. Shopify is cloud-based and very easy to use, making the platform a go-to option for small businesses and those without an existing website or any web development experience/interest.

Shopify uses a subscription model with three different monthly packages available – Basic (USD $29/mo), Shopify (USD $79/mo) and Advanced Shopify (USD $299/mo). All three packages offer varying features such as staff accounts, gift cards, professional reports. Further, Shopify doesn’t involve any set-up fees, a free 14-day trial and gives users the ability to cancel their plans at any time. Shopify Plus is an enterprise eCommerce platform that is responsible for powering some of the biggest, fastest-growing global brands such as Kylie, MVMT and Nestle. (Chances are Shopify Plus, which starts at around $2000 per month, isn’t a solution necessary for your business).

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Shopify might be your solution


  • Is super easy to set up and use – you can start accepting orders within hours of signing up
  • Can create a visually appealing storefront, through templates developed by professionals, with ease. (Further, templates can be modified by designers and developers to enhance their look, feels and features).
  • All officially-support Shopify themes are mobile responsive and adapt nicely to all devices
  • An “all in one” solution, Shopify incorporates several marketing features such as abandoned cart recovery
  • Shopify has a huge community and support is easily accessed
  • Can seamlessly integrate with many in-store point-of-sale systems such as Vend


  • While Shopify has several themes, there are design and functionality limitations to many of their free themes
  • Compared to the number of WordPress themes (WooCommerce) available, Shopify themes pale in comparison
  • Generally, themes don’t provide you with the ability to control all aspects of the visual
  • While Shopify has an app for pretty much everything, not all of the applications are free (and some people are left incurring unexpected fees)
  • WordPress (WooCommerce achieved) offers more for a website that’s equally about facilitating eCommerce and for managing static pages and posts (thanks to content versioning, categories and tags)

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Shopify is a very popular eCommerce solution for any business, large and small. Are you interested in learning more about what Shopify can do for your business? Comparing the platform with other eCommerce solutions such as WooCommerce? If so, reach out to the web development gurus at Start Digital – we’d love to help you determine the right eCommerce solution for your business!