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Millions of advertisers and businesses utilise Google Ads to boost their digital presence. Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform has repeatedly proven to generate results for businesses of all sizes, locations, industries and budgets. Inside the wild world of Google’s PPC are two different networks – Search and Display. As you can imagine, the Search Network is all about reaching prospective customers at their searches, as they’re searching.

Search Network ads can appear on Google’s search engine above, below and to the side of results on platforms like Google, Google Play, Google Shopping, Google Images and Google Map. While Search ads are better-known for the presence on the top and bottom of organic listings, an ad also can be found on Google Search partner sites. Our PPC agency specialises in Search Network campaigns that showcase your business, products/services and show audiences that your business is worthy of their clicks – no matter their placement.

Ads on the search network

When utilising Google’s Search Network, there’s a range ad formats that can be called upon to connect with select audiences, including:

  • Text Ads: Refers to all of the ads shown on the top and bottom of organic listings
  • Dynamic Search Ads: Are text ads which are automatically (when enabled) impacted by technology to change content such as headlines and landing pages, to help increase your ads’ relevance for that specific search/er
  • Call-Only Ads: Ads for mobile users which focus on and more convenient on getting immediate calls
  • Shopping Ads: Are showcased on Google’s search results with a display and link to the products (note, these show the “Sponsored” label)
  • Image and Video Ads: Visual ads which are hosted on Google’s search partners sites’

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All of our PPC campaigns are spearheaded by Google Ads certified individuals who know the ins and outs of the platform. Best of all, the team knows what’s needed to get results without breaking the bank. We offer a holistic PPC management service, providing different solutions that can help your organisation seize all that Google’s Search Network has to offer.


From keywords and ad extensions, ad scheduling through to bidding, we’ll craft together a results-driven pay-per-click strategy for you. We’ll also maintain the campaign daily to make each one better than before.

Ad Development

Combining PPC experience, market research and Google Ads smarts, we’ll create click-worthy 270-character (which sometimes aren’t even that long…) text ads that generate website traffic, leads and conversions.

Landing Page Support

Trusted by 100’s of Australian organisations, our web team can assist with enhancing the effectiveness of your ads’ landing pages to boost ad relevancy, experiences and the overall PPC campaign.

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With Google processing over 40,000 searchers per second, one can only imagine the number of weekly searches that are related to your business’ product and/or service offering. Our PPC agency is committed to getting businesses like yours, right in front of prospective leads as they undergo their purchasing journey. Here at Start Digital, we won’t just get you noticed on Google’s Search platform but more importantly, get your business clicks and leads from it!