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Bring back customers that left your site with Google Marketing

Did you know that not all users who leave your websites are lost? Sometimes, visitors aren’t in the position to make a purchase decision at that exact moment. Some people are still in the process of evaluating alternatives as they visit your websites. Other times, prospective customers leave your site intending to come back to your site but forget because life gets in the way. In all of these cases and more, your business would benefit by following up with these prospective customers. But how? One word, remarketing.

Remarketing refers to the practice of retargeting individuals who’ve visited your site but didn’t make a purchase, to encourage them to do so! Without getting into the specifics too much, remarketing is made possible through a tag or pixel (also often known as code) that drops cookies into visitor’s browsers and tracks them as they navigate around the web. (One could also retarget based on details from existing customer connections.) In addition to remarketing on social media, Start Digital also helps Perth businesses bring back and win over prospective audiences via Google Ads.

Why is remarketing so popular?

Over the last half a decade, remarketing has very quickly become one of the most popular marketing tactics. Despite increasing usage, the tool is – in our opinion – still very underused and one every business should be interested in. Retargeting is a super effective marketing strategy that boosts high conversion and ROI rates, as remarketing:

  • Possesses a unique ability to reach warm leads – one’s who’ve already expressed an interest in your business by being on your site
  • Builds brand awareness and exposure and with greater exposure is higher conversion rates
  • Despite the stigma, most people possess positive feelings for retargeting ads with only a small percentage of feeling negative towards the practice
  • Compared to other methods of PPC, remarketing (via Display Network) can be cheaper than advertising on the Search Network

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Remarketing campaigns done right

All of our PPC campaigns – whether Search, Display or Shopping based – are spearheaded by Google Ads certified individuals who know the ins and outs of the platform and what’s necessary to generate game-changing results breaking the bank. We offer a complete PPC management service, providing several solutions that help your organisation seize all that Google Ads has to offer, including:

PPC Management

From campaign set up, contextual targeting, ad scheduling through to bidding, we’ll craft a cost-effective and conversion-driven strategy. We’ll also manage the campaign daily to make each day better than those before.

Visual Content

Our digital team will work together to create consistent, unified and branded copy and banner design to help your business get noticed in all the right ways. We guarantee creative, engaging, fresh and results-centred remarketing assets.

Landing Page Dev

Trusted by 100’s of Australian businesses, our web team can assist with enhancing the effectiveness of your ads’ landing pages. Our pages boost ad relevancy, experiences and overall remarketing campaign.

Keep them coming back

It’s a digital boomerang!

Remarketing is an increasingly powerful PPC and digital marketing tool – one which your Perth business should be excited about! If increasing brand awareness and reach, capturing the attention of your target audience and bringing back your business back to the forefront of customer’s minds sounds like the strategy for your business, remarketing is for you. With Start Digital supporting your remarketing campaigns, we’ll bring back lost audiences and turn them into customers!