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A perth agency creating engaging content

Remember 56k download speeds? We do. Playing music or watching video online simply wasn’t achievable in the early days of the internet. Thankfully technology moves quickly, and digital media has become an important part of a business’ online profile.

Video marketing is widely touted as the next big thing in the online space. There are well established platforms for hosting video (YouTube and Vimeo) which, together with increased web speeds have made video more accessible.

Increase your exposure

Google, and other search engines for that matter, love to see a site with lots of activity. It demonstrates that you’re open for business and actively trying to engage with your clients. It’s generally considered that websites that are primarily driven by text don’t perform well. Having a good mix of text, images and video not only helps to increase user engagement but also increases the number of media channels connecting with your businesses website.

Our experience

Music and video have been an integral part of the Start Digital journey since 1999. The Start Digital team have been making music and video together under various guises since 1999. We’ve collaborated with artists, blogs, radio stations, music agencies, movie producers and record labels from around the world on a wide range of projects including:

  • Ministry of Sound (compilation music & radio curation)
  • Underbelly TV Series (supporting music)
  • Bondi Beach Rescue (supporting music)
  • XFM UK (radio mixes and commissioned radio sweeps)
  • Live 105 San Fransisco (radio mixsets)
  • Triple J (next crop artist, commissioned mixes)
  • The Promotion (movie, supporting music)
  • Stereogum Blog (compilations)

We create music by commission and offer all music under the Creative Commons license. If you’d like to use any of our music, want to hear more or would like us to create music for you, contact us today.