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Future proof business communication with chatbots

In the last couple of years, the popularity of website bots (commonly known as chatbots) has rapidly risen. By being available 24/7, chatbots allow customers constant contact with a business alongside immediate assistance. Customers really dig this. From a business perspective, bots are a relatively inexpensive one time (or monthly) investment that provide a quick and powerful way to communicate with your audience.

It’s predicted that chatbots are going to become an integral part of online marketing websites. By 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will be powered by website bots. (Yes, that is a legitimate stat backed by actual data.) At Start Digital it’s our goal to help future proof our clients business and, as a big player in the future of communication technology, we can help install and setup an automated chatbot tailored to suit your requirements.

At Start Digital, our digital team has experience in the setup and management of Facebook Messenger Bots, as well as subscription-based services such as Drift and Intercom. Are you looking to embrace the future, now? Talk to us today!

Bot can we help with?

Much like a bot itself, we help by allowing you to focus on what’s most important – your business operations.

Our Perth digital marketing agency can take care of almost everything bot-related. We currently offer a variety of  chatbot solutions including but not limited to:

  • Researching and selecting the most appropriate chat tool
  • Installation of the bot onto your website
  • Integrating the platform with your CRM system to ensure data is captured
  • Assisting with getting your team acquainted with the platform of your choice
  • Development of automated responses which focus on driving inquiries into leads

Ready for the bots to boost your business into the future? Get your kick start here.