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Creating professional logos for local and national clients

We live in a constantly switched on world, where marketing has become so seamless that we don’t even know we’re being marketed to. How does a business stand out? A logo is often the first time people will see your business. At Start Digital, we know a logo should be engaging, memorable and align with a businesses values and mission. A logo very quickly showcases your business so it needs to look professional, modern and established to give your business the best opportunity to connect and build trust with an audience. This is where Start can help.

Your Perth logo design agency

Our branding agency dedicates ourselves to creating attention capturing, in-alignment with business branding, trustworthy and unique logos which work on all sorts of collateral. From online to offline, on a website, top of an annual report to wrapped around a car, a Start designed logo will separate your business from the pack.

At Start Digital, our logo design process is relatively straightforward. As a matter of fact, it’s a 4 step type of, straightforward.

Project Scoping

All of our projects begin with a meeting, often accompanied by calls and emails. We’ll get to know the ins and outs of your business, including its ideal branding and unique selling proposition, competitors and target audience. Throughout our scoping, we determine what’s necessary visually to showcase your business in an authentic, engaging and unique manner.

Visual Creation

With all the data and information gathered, our designers will begin creating concepts. From the concepts, our graphics team will determine the best design and turn that into a fully-fledged logo.


As soon as we’re pleased with the logo and confident the design best aligns with the original project scope, Start Digital will present the custom creation to you!

Change Requests

If the logo doesn’t blow your brain, we’ll conduct round of revisions (based off the feedback you provide) and refine the logo into one that does. While we’re always striving to deliver the perfect logo with the first presentation, more often than not small tweaks here and there are requested.

Small size, big game-changer

Small in size and big in significance, there’s little room for any business’ logo to go wrong. In today’s hyper-competitive and digital age, a logo must be perfect. We know how to create logos which are brand-backed, creative, engaging and distinctive, making Start Digital the right logo design agency to partner with. Time to kick start your project!