Elevate Your Business with AI Powered Marketing in Melbourne

Our Melbourne AI solutions push the boundaries of what’s possible in marketing, creating visuals and media that capture attention.

We’re a Melbourne AI Agency delivering creative, cutting-edge AI solutions. 

The ability to creatively innovate with AI is limited by our imagination only. From image creation and video content through to ultra realistic voice cloning and documentation, it’s now possible to create ‘brand brains’, tailored to suit your brands style and tone. These are equally exciting and terrifying times for the creative industry.

The speed at which the digital space is evolving is unprecedented and, we believe, AI has the long term ability to revolutionise design, marketing and operations. Our Melbourne AI agency is already delivering generative AI solutions across Australia for clients in the healthcare, hospitality and community support sectors. Could you be next?


Custom AI Chatbots in Melbourne, Infused with Your Brand’s Distinct Personality.

We customise chatbots to match your brand’s tone and manner, training them on datasets you provide to simulate natural conversations.

Through iterative testing and fine-tuning, we sculpt the perfect AI persona whether helpful, playful or professional. Available 24/7 on your website, these chatbots chat to delight visitors, answering questions with accuracy and wit. We build long term relationships between your brand and audience via messaging that’s perceptive and charming.

Innovative Video Production with an AI Creative Director

We innovate all aspects of video content through AI, ideating concepts, writing storyboards, creating smooth transitions, composing scenes and animating with a generative edge to realign possibilities.

Machine learning also enables us to clone brand spokesperson voices or even entirely fictional personas to narrate your message, humanising it through vocal realism. Our suite of pioneering AI filmmaking tools focused on your vision, results in shareable social videos, compelling commercials, and stunning trailers made for going viral to wow your digitally viewership.

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Hyper-Engaging Melbourne Social Media Content Born from AI.

Rather than blend in, our Melbourne AI agency helps you stand out on social media using generative tools to devise creative concepts that stop scrolling. We strategically target demographics and psychographics who crave such content quality.

Our iterative, analytical approach means we continually optimise messaging for relevance and performance. Shareable’s should inspire reaction, not just consensus. Through emotive images, video clips and text created by machine learning, we shape posts that captivates your true audience.

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Bespoke Visuals Leveraging Generative AI in Melbourne.

At our AI agency in Melbourne, we explore the full spectrum of AI tools to generate striking visuals tailored to you. Blending machine learning (ML) with human creativity, we build one-of-a-kind illustrations, animations, logos and other aesthetic assets to align with your brand identity, be it minimalist or lavish.

From photography and 3D illustrations through to unique images and video content for web design and social media projects, we create incredible visuals that you own in full, enabling you to lead your industry creatively. Our goal is to rewrite the rules for Melbourne digital agencies.

Automated & Profit-Boosting Melbourne AI Content Created at Scale.

Our AI content generator creates 1,000-20,000 word blog posts that are engaging, insightful and valuable for website visitors and SEO. By processing your brand messaging and industry data assets, our trained models can rapidly ideate related articles, product descriptions, news pieces, eBooks and more tailored to your goals. Machine learning handles the heavy lifting while our human experts polish into compelling thought leadership driving traffic, backlinks and conversions. Welcome a tsunami of content.

Entering Unchartered Waters with AI-Generated Audio

We innovate audio content creation through generative AI, imagining possibilities others can’t envision. By directing our models with the specifics of your brand, we produce original soundscapes, sonic branding, podcasts episodes and music that captures attention.

We also craft voice overs and narrations that humanise your messaging through emotive AI voices cloned from real people. Our out-of-the-box audio concepts backed by technology will resound with customers unlike ever before.

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AI Video Capabilities

Images generated using Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. Images animated with Gen-2 and Controlnet. Scripted by Claude. Voices generated by Start using Eleven Labs.

AI Audio  Translation

Using cutting edge AI cloning tools it’s possible to overdub any video into any language. The below examples demonstrate an interview with Paul McCartney in 1968, overdubbed into French, then Chinese, then Hindi – whilst also retaining his vocal tone. Alongside this is an interview between Thierry Henry and Kylian Mbappe. The original video (here from the 50 second mark), is in French. The below has been overdubbed into English.

Airlab is where science, syntax and design meet.

The first rule of The Lab is that there are no rules. The Lab is where we test the boundaries of new technology, software and AI. We look for real world applications of the latest and greatest tech and question where we’re going, why we’re going, and what we’re going to do when we get there.

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