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We live in a world where capturing attention, even for 3-4 seconds, is the difference between a sale and a fail. More often that not a striking feature image and strong call to action is enough to draw viewers in, but sometimes you need to go the extra yard. As network speeds improve (hello 5G) and performance becomes more reliable, video is increasingly being used to communicate with audiences more effectively than plain text and photography ever could. Because let’s be honest, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth at least a million.  

Thanks to the likes of Unsplash there are a huge number of free stock image sites but, until recently, a distinct lack of high-quality stock footage to use for free. However, the video void is slowly being filled.

Before you splash the cash on some expensive stock footage here is our list of the top 10 free stock video sites for 2019.

Pexels offer an enormous quantity of footage to ensure that every need is met (promotions, website introductions, project demos, and even youtube videos). All their videos are licensed under the creative commons zero (CCO) licence. Which means you can edit or change the videos and use them free of charge for personal or commercial projects (all without asking for permission or setting a link to the source). Despite Pexels wide variety of clips, there is a shortage of useable 4K clips.

Bonus: Pexels also offers a great quality stills service under the same licence.

MixKit are the new kids on the block. The site provides a curated gallery of high-quality videos and art, made by some of the world’s most talented creators – all for free. The site has a constantly growing library of clips with 10 new clips being added each week. Meaning you will find it easy to discover that perfect cinematic B-roll clip, or wide establishing shot.  

Mazwai is one of the lesser known sites on this list, but don’t let that fool you. The site only selects the very best of free videos to help every creative produce their best work possible. As a result, there are over 200 high-quality clips to browse and view directly from their home page, making it easy to get lost searching for that perfect cinematic clip. Furthermore, with most clips ranging from 2-3 minutes in length, there will be a ton of footage to edit, cut and compile to your heart’s content. 

All of the footage is available in HD with no subscription or download limitation. As a result, you are not limited in how you adapt, cut or even share the footage. However, the correct credit will still have to be given to the original author (under the public domain or attribution licence (CC3.0)).

Pixabay offers a staggering 1.2 million images and videos all under the CC0 License, meaning there is no risk of accidentally infringing copyright by not checking for appropriate licensing. Furthermore, the site provides a great variety of clips suitable for all users. So whether you are looking for a short ten-second clip or a minute long, Pixabay has it all. However, if you are in search of free 4K stock footage, sadly Pixabay will leave you wanting more. Although they are regularly trying to add to their existing 4K library, it is still not properly fleshed out.

We recommend checking out the excellent selection of scenic landscape and nature video. Additionally, try the ‘Editors’ section to find a listing of the top featured videos. 

Coverr provides a simple resource for free stock videos. No catches, no fees, no registration needed. Coverr is the ideal place to search for videos to use as a beautiful background for your website, with a great selection of high-quality footage for both commercial and non-commercial use. Perhaps the most unique aspect of Coverr is their willingness to help you embed the videos into your site. By providing you with code snippets and instructional videos, Coverr will have you setup up with an amazing (and free) website background in no time. 

Unfortunately, Coverr does not have the depth and number of clips as some of the other sites on this list.  

Stock footage for free is completely dedicated to providing you with the best stock footage from around the world. They make it easy to download any footage and instantly start incorporating it into any personal or commercial projects. With a great variety of stock footage, they have no hidden fees for use. Morevoer, the footage is also 100% royalty free, meaning you are allowed to use the footage as you please. 

Bonus: Looking for something a bit different? Try the Slow-mo and time-lapse categories for some really unique perspectives.

Operated by Canadian marketing agency Leeroy, Life of Vids offers several unique high-quality stock video categories. If you are looking for high-end free stock videos for marketing purposes – look no further. What the site lacks in variety and depth of videos, they more than make up for in production quality and cinematography. They offer some of the highest-quality, free stock footage on the internet.

Bonus: They also have an incredible and unique brother site for stock photography (Life of Pics) –

With aspirations to be the number one source for all stock footage, Videvo offers one of the largest libraries of free footage on the web. In addition, there are regular uploads from their large community of users, meaning you can easily spend hours scrolling for that perfect clip. 

Bonus: Videvo also offers a great selection of motion graphics templates, music, and sound effects.

If you are looking for the best resource for free stock FX videos, you need look no further. Footage Crate caters specifically to anyone looking to take their videos to the next level with visual effects. From lens flares to smoke and magic powers, Footage Crate has all your FX needs covered.  

Bonus: There is a range of post-production tutorials for all skill levels to help develop After Effects skills. 

Videezy is proud to be one of the largest video communities in the world. With a constantly growing selection of footage, they make it easy to find that perfect stock clip. Although the quality of videos on Videezy is not always up to par there are some real gems and professionally produced clips, if you are willing to search for them. 

However, despite the clips being free, you will have to attribute the use of each clip appropriately. 

Bonus: Check out their impressive selection of cinematic drone and aerial footage.  

So, there you have it, 10 free stock video sites to take your content to the next level! If you made it through the list and want more recommendations, feel free to give us a shout as we’ve got plenty more. Alternatively, if your business needs help with web design, logos or even social media, drop us a line at 1300 170 908  or [email protected].