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Rock n’ Roll Smartphone

With the let down of the Apple Watch and the flat response to the new Apple Music service there are questions, albeit whispered, around Apples ability to release ground breaking products without the late Mr Jobs at the helm.

If you’re one of those looking around for the next best thing then this might float your boat. Marshall, that is, Marshall of guitar amp fame, is about to release a smart phone. And of course its covered in leather, because rock n’roll.

Marshall Smart Phone

Called The London, it has two fairly standard front facing speakers and two audio outputs – which are not so standard. A dedicated button to access your music alongside a gold accented scroll wheel and a ‘high quality audio processor’ means this could become a much sought after device for music lovers. Are you listening Neil Young? No, of course you’re not….

Apart from that The London is a fairly standard Android phone. Specs don’t really matter – this ones all about the music!

Released on 21st August and retailing at $590 US, expect to see it in Australia in the coming months.