A new website for VGT. Helping them drive tomorrows solutions, today.


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Let’s take a moment to explore one of our website launches for VGT, a talented team dedicated to pioneering innovative tech and digital solutions throughout WA.

VGT has a reputation as a tech trailblazer, but their online presence needed a refresh. We stepped in to give their website a complete makeover, reimagining it from the ground up. Our goal was to not just refresh their digital image but to propel it into the future. Alongside strong messaging, we weaved in new fonts, colours, and graphics to the table, giving VGT a fresh visual identity that would match their cutting-edge solutions.

VGT’s Striking New Visual Identity: A Beacon of Industry Innovation

The revamped visual identity now shines a bright spotlight on VGT’s capabilities. The website’s aesthetics are not just pleasing; they’re a reflection of VGT’s standing in the industry as a trendsetter.