Social media management to promote Averna’s 2023 MSWA Mega Home Lottery


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Social Media Marketing for a Lottery With a Cause

Meet Averna Homes, a renowned luxury home builder, was busy crafting award-winning homes but lacked the time to effectively maintain their own social media presence. Recognising the need to harness the power of social media, they entrusted Start with the management of their social accounts.

We embarked on an in-depth strategy and audit to identify potential opportunities within the competitive home industry. By thoroughly understanding Averna Homes’ unique selling points, target market, and competitors, we devised a winning social media plan. We then created and designed two distinct creative directions that we believed would elevate the brand and propel them forward.

The results? An 194% increase in accounts reached, 10.2k accounts reached organically AND a 220% increase in accounts engaged. 

The Averna Homes social strategy started with an idea, and all good ideas start with the people!

We’re a diverse mix of creatives, talkers, tech-nerds, organisers, musicians and statisticians. Our interests sit somewhere between innovation and design, at the tipping point of what we know and what we want to know. We believe this is where the good stuff happens. It’s how the work we do cuts through the noise to stand out from the crowd.