Making Alzheimer’s a distant memory for future generations.


Web Design & Development
UI & UX Wireframing
AI Image Generation

Groundbreaking research, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge visuals, Alzheimer’s Research Australia is at the forefront of the battle against Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s Research Australia required a website that would reflect their forward-thinking and innovative approach to tackling Alzheimer’s disease. With an emphasis on high-impact visuals, seamless user experience, and compelling calls to action, their new site was designed to inspire trust and motivate action, encouraging donations and participation in clinical trials.

Collaborating closely with the Alzheimer’s Research Australia team, we created a website that meets their immediate needs, whilst supports their long-term goals. Our work included UX design, development, and the creation of a series of AI-generated images, representing their commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of typical stock imagery.

Empowering innovation in Alzheimer’s Research.

The Alzheimer’s Research Australia website showcases a sleek, modern design that aligns with their rebranded identity. We integrated intuitive navigation, clear calls to action, and a seamless donor experience to enhance user engagement. The high-impact visuals, including AI-generated images, set a new standard for the organisation’s online presence, reflecting their innovative spirit.

To further support their goals, we incorporated advanced features like a bespoke donation process and volunteer sign-up system, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for users. The website’s launch coincides with their rebranding efforts, marking a significant milestone in their mission to raise $4 million over the next four years for critical research and community initiatives.

Explore the new Alzheimer’s Research Australia website and join the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by donating or participating in their groundbreaking research initiatives.