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Voice Technology Perth

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Voice technology is on the rise – just ask Google or Alexa or Echo or Siri. Over 50% of searches were completed by voice by 2020. Voice technology presents a major opportunity for all businesses. The rising phenomena will bring about new innovative experiences, change the way customers search and engage with businesses, products and services, and facilitate a richer experience that goes beyond a simple search and click. We predict voice engagement will be used to develop competitive advances and foster superior services.

Why will personal assistants and voice technology change the way we work? As time becomes our most important commodity and the speed at which our fingers move on a keyboard doesn’t increase, our voice is the most direct method of communicating. This should come as no surprise, we’ve been using our voices to communicate since day dot – now technology is catching up.

Should you wait for everyone else to jump on board the voice tech train and risk being left behind? Or are you a digital innovator looking to push some boundaries? If you’re the latter, our digital marketing agency can help.

How can voice tech help you?

Depending on your business and needs, some of the voice technology and voice assistant solutions that our agency can provide includes:

  • Work alongside our SEO team to create campaigns focused on local SEO to appeal customers using “near me” terms with their searches
  • Develop omni-channel voice experiences for current content
  • Strategically plan to transition into a voice-first society over the coming years

Over the next couple of years as voice technology grows exponentially, the ways in which it can benefit your business will increase. Some of the ways we’ve seen voice technology implemented recently include:

  • Whirlpool integrating with Alexa to create voice controlled appliances
  • Dominos creating a voice activated pizza ordering application
  • Ordering an Uber via Siri and Alexa
  • iiNet implementing a ‘my voice is my password’ login process
  • NSW Transport created an Alexa ‘skill’ called RITA to help communicate commuter information
  • National Australia Bank launched an MLC superannuation virtual assistant for Google Home devices in March 2018

It’s on the rise. If you’re interested in further exploring what voice technology and voice assistants can offer your business, you know what to do.