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Keeping Up Appearances

Trends will always come and go – its why we’re not wearing flannel shirts and listening to Pearl Jam anymore. I for one am grateful. Trends relating to online technology however are a relatively new thing. From the devices we use and wear through to the websites we frequent and the way in which our sites are found, technology moves at a rapid pace and subsequently so do its trends.

So is it important for Perth businesses to stay on top of whats going on and why do online trends matter?

An up to date, well presented website demonstrates to your clients and future consumers that you’re an active, engaged and web savvy business. Importantly it also ensures that Google sees a business thats maintaining their website allowing them to display relevant search results. Afterall, no one enters a store with the doors shut and lights off! A relevant, well structured website attracts visitors and helps you maintain a relationship with clients. Additionally it helps you stay ahead of your competition, something thats incredibly important in this increasingly competitive space.

Here are some tips to ensuring your website is on the money and up to date in 2015:

1. Images. A picture speaks a thousand words and can convey the perfect brand story without saying a thing. Driven by companies such as Apple and Nike one of the most popular trends is to use big header images (just like the video on the HelpingMinds home page). Combine the images with some key messages, strong fonts and subtle parallax effects and you’ve nailed it.

Helping Minds Homepage in Start Digital Casestudy

2. Responsive. Yep, we talk about this one quite a lot (see previous post) but its so incredibly important that your website looks good on mobile and tablet devices – not only so your customers can read it but also because Google have placed a huge amount of importance on sites that can be discovered and read on the mobile platform. Businesses of Perth listen up – you need to go mobile – now! Lets not even talk about a website for the watch…..

3. Content. It may come as a shock to Elvis fans but content is king. Not so much of a trend as a complete necessity. Before considering how your website should look and behave it needs content. That means you need to consider what you want to say about your business. What makes it shine? At Start Digital we approach all websites with a content first methodology. That is, the content should dictate the design NOT a pre-determined design dictate the content. Be concise and to the point – don’t waffle! Give us everything you have. We want to help the websites of Perth to look good and say something!

4. Parallax. It can make some people feel sick but the recent trend of introducing parallax movement into a website adds a whole new dimension and level of engagement. Essentially it allows web designers to use page scrolling or mouse movement to animate elements or properties of the page. Rather than attempt to explain how it works take a look at this article on the Pitchfork blog. It retains reader interest by keeping the page dynamic and always moving – Daft Punk Pitchfork Article

5. Design Automation. We could put our head in the sand and pretend this one isn’t happening or we could embrace it like an old friend. Automation is everywhere and nowhere more so than in the web design space. Existing players such as Wix and Webydo are about to go head to head with new kids on the block, The Grid. What should be quite scary for web design companies, at Start Digital we can’t wait to try these new platforms out to see how we can integrate them into our toolbox and pass on the benefits to our Perth clients.