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Apple WWDC 2016 – How’d Ya Like Those Apples?

Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 (known in geek acronym speak as Apple WWDC 2016) in San Francisco this week, and it came with a whole slew of upgrades! We’ve listed just a few of the many advances coming your way with iOS 10.

Say goodbye to bloatware! If you’re like just about every other iPhone user, you’ve done the “which app do I delete for more space?” dance many times. During these desperate moments, it’s incredibly frustrating to be unable to do away with built in apps you don’t even use. With iOS 10, you can. Don’t worry, you can’t delete your contacts accidentally! But if you delete one you actually use, it’s available in the app store.

With Microsoft making moves into the Social Media space with its intent to procure LinkedIn this week, Apple and Facebook are keen to continue enhancing their user experience on their existing apps.

Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp hold over 1.9 Billion users between them, but it’s iMessage that is set for a major refresh. The addition of options like a thumbs up feel familiar for messenger users, but there’s more – handwritten messages, stickers, rich links and full screen animated effects.

"Neither mutiny, disassembly nor zero battery will induce me to dishonor the oath I have sworn to secrecy. Sorry, I've been watching a lot of Game of Thrones recently."

Siri is also being heavily upgraded in addition to getting all up on you Mac desktop! The digital assistant is being opened up to third party developers to integrate with your apps – pizza anyone? She’ll also be able to search through your photos, documents, music and files via voice command. Her AI powers are extending into the predictive type functionality too, with more intelligent predictive text using context. Not quite the female Jarvis, but a few steps forward!

Had you asked the sassy digital assistant what was coming up at Apple WWDC 16, you would have received some very tongue in cheek responses.

We get it, Siri – GoT makes us react to everyday situations in a theatrical way too.

There are so many more interesting and exciting updates from WWDC16, but the last one we’ll share is – copy and paste! Doesn’t sound like much, but copying something on your iPad and pasting it on your Mac? For the multiple device browsers like us, this is a truly functional little gem.

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