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Fixing Apple Music

We’re ridiculous music geeks here at Start and could talk all day about the first Stone Roses album or techniques employed to compress a snare drum, among other equally geekish topics but if there is one thing you won’t hear us singing from the rooftops about its Apple’s iTunes.

From the very get go its been clunky, confusing and generally quite painful to manage a music collection on. This problem has been exasperated by Apples most recent foray into the music streaming space. Apple Music (as its now known) could come to rule the streaming roost but in its current version it’s possibly clunkier than iTunes. Feature overload sums up the problems. There are so many different ways to manage a digital music collection that its next to impossible to cram everything in – Apple have given it a good do though.

So it was great to stumble across this post on Medium by designer Todor Russanov – Why iTunes Needs To Be Fixed.

It’s a subtle tweak that could help simplify digital media management and give the interface a little more ‘funk’. We’re fans here at Start and would love to see some of these elements introduced into Apple Music. Who knows, it could even pull us away from Spotify – if only their curated playlists were longer……..


Apple Music remix