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To some businesses a website is central to success, to others it’s simply a digital business card. We recognise that not every business is geared towards managing digital content but that doesn’t make it a less valuable tool.

If you’re transitioning from a more traditional business type that has, up until now, relied on The Yellow Pages or local classified advertising then we’ve got some tips for you. A great website can provide your business with the boost that it needs to get a head start, so be sure to read on and learn more about the benefits of a responsive and informative website.

Lowering Costs

Striking out on your own can be difficult, but with the right mix of branding, website and social media presence a business can significantly lower their overall costs and ensure that their money is spent wisely. While a traditional brick and mortar store will have costs that vary greatly on a month by month basis, a website allows a business to promote their goods and services at a cost that is fixed and manageable for the foreseeable future.

Traditional stores attract rising utility costs, theft, damage or staff costs. Storefronts are susceptible to a number of issues that are, to a large extent, out of the owners control, while a website that has been constructed by an experienced web design company can manage and contain costs easier.

Maximum Accessibility

Running a traditional store means having to close your doors at certain times of day, which makes it difficult for customers with busy schedules to access your goods and services. As more and more consumers make the switch to smartphone shopping, the need for a traditional storefront will continue to lessen. Businesses that wish to leverage this shift in the marketplace can utilise Perth web design to craft websites that are responsive and available around the clock.

Saving customers time and giving them a platform to purchase your items is the best way to future proof your business. Whether you’re in retail, administration or general services, every business needs a good website, so that they can cater to the whims of their target audience. The modern consumer fully expects to be able to engage and/or shop at any time of day. By not making themselves accessible a business is taking a considerable risk and leaving the door open for other, more tech savvy businesses. A customer who spends valuable time traveling to and from a store that is closed is likely to spend their hard earned money with a business that makes themselves more accessible.


Who doesn’t like the idea of being able to frequent a business from the comfort of their own home? The days of getting dressed up and heading to a Perth city storefront have come and gone (respect to Perth), replaced by a generation of consumers that wish to shop on their own time. Think about it this way; what is more convenient for the consumer: getting up early, driving to a store and not being able to find what you want or; rolling out of bed and finding an immediate answer on their laptop or smartphone?

Businesses need to consider all ways in which their clients will interact with their service. A storefront shouldn’t be restricted to a simple storefront. Similarly an online service will need some kind of physical presence, whether it’s in the form of a store, brochure or street advertising. The customer is always right and what the modern customer wants is for a service thats flexible and adapts to their needs.

Added Credibility 

A responsive, well functioning website that has been designed by a top notch web design company (hello) gives a business the best possible in road to building a client base. First impressions are critical in the business world and when a website has been designed in a responsive and informative manner, a visitor is far more likely to return in the future and spread word of mouth to their friends and family.

With word of mouth a business can gain more customers, without having to increase their advertising efforts. Once a consumer has done business with a company, their trust is likely to increase. Businesses need websites that allow them to build these relationships and increase their overall level of credibility.

Easier Marketing

Old media advertising, such as television commercials and cold calling, has fallen by the wayside. As consumer activity evolves it’s more important than ever for a business to have a strong online presence.

By marketing a business online, a company is able to save valuable money that can be dedicated to improving other aspects of the customer experience. In a world where the consumer is far more likely to tune out traditional forms of advertisement and utilise their smartphone or laptop, an informative online presence can make or break the long term prospects of a business.

Simply put, every business needs a website, and it’s incredibly important for Perth businesses to differentiate themselves from the crowd. A crowd that has now opened up way, way beyond our own city boundaries.

A websites quality is make or break. Consumers are making decisions quicker than ever and it’s important that we capture users attention in a way that engages them and encourages them to take action.

We’re a Perth web design agency that understands the need for businesses to embrace technology. For the apprehensive this doesn’t mean throwing yourself in at the deep end. Baby steps. The important thing is to get started. Start Digital can help guide you through the minefield and get you to the other side.