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It’s no secret that 2020 threw a spanner in the works for most of us. With a global pandemic, businesses proved their resilience by staying afloat in the digital space. As a digital marketing and web design agency, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time admiring the innovative business leaders who’ve excelled within this ever-changing space. With 2021 well and truly underway, we’ve collated some of Start Digital’s eye-catching brands that we’ll be watching out for this year.

1. TintTint, one of Start Digital's businesses to keep an eye on in 2021

Looking to freshen up your space but dreading the overwhelming stroll down the Bunnings paint aisle? Enter Tint, the Melbourne based, environmentally friendly start-up that’s stirring the pot in the DIY space. Determined to simplify the painting process, Tint has approached each step of the way with a modern, digitalised solution. At Tint, there are no sample pots necessary, nor will you be left surprised by the final look after using their free AR app. Replacing the typical paint sample with reusable stickers, Tint has determined a solution for everything.

Here at Start, we’re big fans of Tint’s ability to paint the town (digitally) with their playful, modern branding. Whether it be through their sleek, easy to navigate website or their ability to grow a cult social following. Tint’s digitalised approach to a once painful process is what makes them one to watch in 2021. Dulux better be sleeping with one eye open.

2. The Ethical Move

After the release of huge Netflix doco’s like The Social Dilemma & The Great Hack, we can’t help but recognise an ongoing shift towards more ethical standards of practice for marketers in an attempt to make our industry more transparent, trustworthy and honest. Contributing to this ever-changing industry, The Ethical Move, was founded by Alice Karolina in an attempt to do just this.

Through a series of online pledges, The Ethical Move encourages marketers to ditch the “scare tactics and psychological manipulation” in a mission end the constant, dangerous cycle of consumerism. Here at Start, we’re inspired and taken back by everything that The Ethical Move stands for and are looking at ways we can practice what we preach in 2021. If you’re interested in taking the pledge, visit their website.

3. Crockd

Crockd, the DIY pottery brand is one of Start Digitals businesses to keep an eye on in 2021

Emerging straight from the Sunshine Coast, Crockd inspires connection & reflection through creativity with their DIY pottery kits. Using conversation cards referred to as “clay breakers”, Crockd aspires to appeal those looking to shut off from the digital world and experience hands-on creativity with friends.

Pairing an incredibly important message with relatable, quirky branding is what we love to see. To check out Crockd and to learn more about what they stand for, head right on over.

4. noissue

Noissue, one of Tint's brands to keep an eye on in 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 was the year of the side hustle. With the ever-increasing number of small businesses launching came the need for more accessible, environmentally friendly packaging. Queue noissue, a digitalised approach for custom packaging solutions.

Based in New Zealand, the creators of noissue launched the brand in the hopes of creating eco-friendly packaging that could compete aesthetically with their plastic-driven competition. Here at Start, we’re loving noissue’s ability to use the digital space as a way to provide small business owners with an accessible, user friendly platform to design & purchase eco-friendly packaging.

5. TikTok (duh)

Taking the world of social media by storm, 2020 was TikTok’s best year yet. Not only did TikTok become the second highest revenue-generating app, it also took home the flag for the most downloads of 2020 on both iOS and Android.

In the coming year, TikTok is expected to hit 1.2 billion active users, displaying a unique targeting strategy for marketers with 70%* of its audience under the age of 24 and the average user spending around 45 minutes on the app every day.

Here at Start, we love TikTok’s ability to tap into an audience with such a short attention span with catchy, unique video content. Special mention to content creators like @HappyKelli. We’re grateful for the giggles.

6. Pals

Pal Seltzer Cans - One of the brands Start Digital has been loving in 2021.

There’s something about fresh & funky branding that really gets us. Meet ‘Pals’, the NZ founded seltzer co that made their way to our heart with their outgoing brand personality & pastel packaging.

Props to Pal, who managed to exhaust all of their seltzer stock in the country post launch. It’s brilliant to see the influence that a dedicated digital following can have.

7. Robinhood

Image of RobinHood App - one of Start Digital's Brands to watch in 2021

With the release of new, shiny investing apps targeted at a more youthful demographic, apps like Robinhood are giving financial institutions a run for their money. If you haven’t already heard, Robinhood is a commission-free investing app that surpassed over 13 million active users back in 2020. Since then, Robinhood has continued to baffle the internet with their streamlined interface and the convenience that comes with trading from the couch.

8. Up

Up Bank - One of Start Digital's favourite businesses to watch in 2021

Another savvy industry leader that’s shaking things up in the digital world is Up. Leading the way as one of Australia’s most favoured neo-banks, Up is paving the way for a more convenient, modernised way of banking.

With their vibrant interface, neon collaterals and down to earth branding, Up is helping to change the face of banking as we know it. Whilst Up is no longer a fresh face on the scene, we’re still interested to follow along on their digital journey throughout 2021.

9. Zero Co

Dedicated to fighting the war on waste, Australian start-up Zero Co is providing Australians with an easy solution to avoid single-use plastic. Through a circular delivery system, Zero Co offers everyday household products with a modern twist.

Steering far from the typical packaging of household products, Zero Co pairs youthful colours & typography with a charming brand personality. With all dispensers made from recycled plastic, Zero Co has managed to rid our ocean of over 6,000kg of rubbish so far.

Our team at Start Digital can’t help but swoon over Zero Co’s modern approach to household products. If you’d like to get on the waste-free-wagon, head to Zero Co to sign up. 

10. How We Roll

Whilst we’re thankful to have survived the toilet paper crisis of 2020, we now know who we’d turn to if things were to go pear shaped once more.

How We Roll provides environmentally friendly home products from toilet paper to bin liners and doggie bags, with a focus on ‘eco-venience’. With every purchase, HWR donates a tree through the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted. Better yet, if you’re crappy or unhappy, How We Roll offers a 100% money back guarantee on all purchases. Head right on over to start stocking up for 2021. 

So, there you have it – the businesses that our team at Start Digital will be keeping an eye on in 2021! If you’re looking to take your digital game to new heights in 2021, whether it be through fresh branding or a new website, get in touch with our Perth web design agency online or at 1300 170 908.