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With Christmas just a sleigh ride away there’s no time like the (xmas) present to share some of our favourite festive sites for this year. Crack open the egg nog and get ready for the Mariah earworm, here are 6 Sites That Will Jingle Your Bells this 2018!

1. Christmas HQ

Christmas Headquarters contains a snow storm of Christmas related content including Christmas recipes, Christmas Carols and insights into the Tradition of Xmas and Christmas Decorations. Because Christmas HQ is all about the big man, the website includes a countdown for the moment when Santa arrives – just in case our watches stop 🙂

Developed by Wasai, the Christmas HQ website makes good use of illustrations – a trend that’s lit up web design like Rudolph’s red nose. On each menu item’s landing page is a festive-fused illustration that wraps the design up with a bow.

The site’s Design section stands out – mainly because we dig good design. In line with the generous spirit of the season, Christmas HQ offers totally free Christmas related backgrounds, borders, clip art, fonts, images amongst more.

2. Santa Tracker

An annual Christmas-centric entertainment program from Google, Santa Tracker allows users to track Santa on Christmas Eve as he travels all around the world, delivering presents to those who’ve been good. What’s more, Santa Tracker allows users to play, watch and learn through dozens of festive related activities.

Santa Tracker frequently relies on Google services including Google Mail, Google Translations and YouTube, to execute certain activities like Translations which translates Christmassy words like Santa Claus and Happy New Year into 25 different languages. A few stand outs include Code Lab which introduces people to JavaScript, the ever so addictive Wrap Battle and Santa Search.

While children are the primary audience for this Google project, only a Grinch wouldn’t be entertained. Here comes Santa Claus….

3. Christmas Experiments

Christmas Experiments is a WebGL advent calendar that features “experiments” made by 24 different digital artists. Created back in 2012, Christmas Experiments is a project that intends to deliver great Christmas-centric experiments from top digital creatives and those on the come up.

Christmas Experiments presents each digital experiment as a bauble and the scroll based animations are pretty cool. The stand out experiment is the Ultimate Christmas of Spiderman – a game where Santa has enlisted your friendly neighbourhood Spiderdude to help deliver presents to people in his neighbourhood.

4. Elf Yourself

For those of you who don’t know, Elf Yourself is a website/app that gives users the ability to create dancing elves out of themselves and loved ones by either taking or uploading a photo, using Facebook, Instagram or My Faces. As expected, Elf Yourself has added new dances and feature for 2018.

If you’re wanting to get elfed on the go, Elf Yourself can be downloaded as an Apple and Android app for free. One downfall of the app is that it only offers a few free dances and once you’ve used these, you need to pay for more.

Since its launch 12 years ago in 2006, over 1.6 billion elves have been created. With Christmas less than 20 days away, that number is only going to keep increasing.

5. Peter Alexander

With their Xmas range out, Peter Alexander has given their website a redesign. Heavily incorporating images of their Christmas range, the sleepwear site relies upon reds, greens, flashy tinsel compositions that are present in the homes of millions throughout this time of the year and Christmas focused copywrite to bring about the Christmas spirit.

Not only does the Peter Alexander website nail the Christmas theme but it also does a good job at encouraging users to buy their range for Christmas presents. Nothing like a nice looking Christmas marketing strategy!

6. Starbucks

Once again Starbucks has added a Christmas touch to their homepage for this year’s festive season. Maintaining their traditional layout, the new design uses big, bold reds and greens to help showcase their range of festive flavoured products.

Showcasing their new Christmas products such as Holiday Spice Flat White, Gingerbread Latte, Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew and the Christmas Iced Donuts, the visuals ooze Christmas.

Merry Christmas

The team at Start Digital would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019!

If you’re interested in making this coming year a digital success, drop us a line at 1300 170 908 or contact us here. Our digital solutions are the gifts that keep on giving.