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Intimidated by the overwhelming (and somewhat pretentious) world of LinkedIn? We’ve been there. If you’re looking to lift your LinkedIn game in 2021, you’ve come to the right place. As the ideal way to engage in B2B marketing & communication, LinkedIn has a world of possibility when it comes to both relationships building and better yet, advertising.

For those of you who are new to the world of LinkedIn, we’ve put together our top five ways to succeed on the platform. Follow along with us as we delve into some of our top tips.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Is For More Than Just Google

Even as an agency that specialises in SEO, we’re guilty ourselves of limiting our thoughts purely to the world of Google. When shifting our attention to LinkedIn, it’s increasingly evident why optimising your profile for that little search box is so important. To ensure your LinkedIn is well optimised, think of your profile like your curb appeal. Do you have an up-to-date profile picture and headline? As one of the most visible elements on your LinkedIn profile, your headline is crucial in conveying your purpose and grabbing the attention of potential connections. To ensure your profile is at its full potential, ensure you’re using both your cover photo and profile picture to grab the attention of potential connections. Put it this way – how likely are you to want to connect with a stranger without a profile picture?

2. Hold off on those generic invitations

If you’re new to LinkedIn, you may be yet to receive your first generic invitation request. In the world of LinkedIn, cold outreach messages are kind of the norm, even though they shouldn’t be. Ever received something like the below? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, these requests are all too common.






If you’re looking to build your network organically, cut the cold messages. Form a common ground with the people you’d like to connect with and show genuine interest, rather than dishing out the same ol’ copy & paste solution. For example, have they worked on a particular project you’re interested in or do you have any mutual friends? You’ll be far more likely to achieve results with a genuine crafted message.

3. Think of your LinkedIn profile like a website landing page

Whether you’re managing a business account, or looking to perfect your own LinkedIn, it’s important to think of your profile like a website landing page. When someone lands on your profile what do you want them to see and what actions would you like them to take? Our words of wisdom: ensure your profile is built with a clear strategy in place to direct the actions of your desired audience. Maybe you’re the author of a killer blog or feel your website does you more justice than your LinkedIn profile – that’s exactly where you want to take them.

4. Consistent Posting

Yes, we’ve all felt it. LinkedIn posting can often feel like a daunting & attention seeking process. Our one piece of advice? Speak about what you’re good at. Use your specialty to thrive in a heaving online market. Consistent posting will help you to attract your ideal audiences and to make a name for yourself online. Whilst we’d recommend opting for a content strategy & calendar, it’s all about what works best for you. Try experimenting with different types of posts to shake things up and see what works best. Need help with some content ideas? Talk to our social team to see how we can help create an optimal strategy for you.

5. Use Tracking Links

If you’re consistently directing your audience elsewhere, whether it be to your new blog or site update, incorporating tracking links can be a great way to see the impact you’re having. Although LinkedIn offers exceptional analytics tools, there’s no harm in going the extra step. Tracking links can help take your analytics to the next level when you’re analysing your site traffic at the end of the month.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not LinkedIn is right for you or your business, head to our blog channel and have a squiz. Here, we’ll tell you all about the social strategies and the channels which could be best for you in 2021. Still undecided? Give our #socialexperts a ring on 1300 170 908 to see how we can help.