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Safety Solutions WA is a workplace health and safety consultancy that helps organisations make their workplace safer. A range of essential services including safety management plans, safety consultants, tender assistance and WHS Audits – a reputation in Australia for their work.

Working alongside small businesses and large corporates across Australia, Safety Solutions approached Start as a reference from an existing client. We were engaged for a short turn around, fresh revamp of the brand that would stay on the forefront of design for the coming years.

Project Overview

Currently, Safety Solutions WA is the only company within Australian and New Zealand that’s a Gold MyOsh Partner. With their redesign, we were determined to use an array of visual elements to showcase their distinguished status and differentiate them from those who are considered competitors. We achieved this by being more strategic with brand colours, introducing a more suitable font, creating depth and layout to most pages and utilising new high-quality images.

Given the importance of Safety Solutions’ work and the sensitivity of the safety and health industry, we knew we needed to build credibility and trust immediately. We were able to provoke the sense of authority, experience and professionalism by replacing their old, cheesy stock images with authentic, HD ones developed by our team during a 1-day photoshoot.

With the authentic images building much of the design and positioning, Start felt it was necessary to make minor modifications to their brand colours. We made a new logo, modifying it to be more modern and simplistic. Further, we changed the prominent and accent colours previously being used to incorporate a less harsh and fluorescent yellow alongside bold yet subtle grey and black colours. While only small changes in HEX codes, these modifications drastically changed the feel of the site.

Safety Solutions WA provided all of the website’s content after conducting an internal review and reshaping. As SEO isn’t a focus of the site, we were able to flesh down some of the site’s depth by making the primary pages richer with related and relevant content. Once the photography was done, our web design team was able to turn around the project fast.