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With headquarters in Perth and Hong Kong, Argonaut is a multi-national full-service advisory, stockbroking & research and investment house. Since being established in WA back in 2002, Argonaut has become Perth’s leading stockbroker and IPO specialist. With a previous website well out of date, Start Digital was engaged to revamp Argonaut’s website into one which accurately depicts the company as one of Perth’s most influential and successful companies.

The Challenge

Project Overview

Argonaut’s previous site was well out-dated in regards to both design and its functionality. Being non-mobile friendly and slow to load are just a few of its many downfalls. A leading company within its field, Argonaut required a corporate, modern and sophisticated website that is both fleshed-out and well-developed.

To present Argonaut in a corporate and sleek manner, the site heavily utilises white and grey to compliment their branded blue and gold for the boxes, shapes and text. Argonaut needed our team to acquire stock images which highlighted the business transactions, industries and a sense of luxury. After scanning thousands of different images, Start Digital created a collection of high-quality stock images and in some cases, crafted pictures which were layered with brand messages (and sometimes even photos).

With Argonaut operating in a very active environment, the ability for the team to easily manage all areas of their website and content moving forward was critical. WordPress is going to make Argonaut’s daily morning notes updates and sharing their latest research about what’s happening in the local and international markets, so much easier than brokering billion-dollar deals.

Once we received approval on the proposed design, Start Digital was able to develop the Argonaut site within 1 month. As a nice finishing touch, we made sure Argonaut’s site was both compatible with and linking off to their secure client area portal.

A digital record of transactions

argonaut funds management

A part of Argonaut Group, Argonaut Funds Management (AFM) is a high conviction investor in the Australian resources sector. AFM is based in the tier one mining jurisdiction of Western Australia and required a website to complement its current operations. We developed a site for AFM that enabled them to provide updates about their funding, investments and reports to its stakeholders. Given the site was built on WordPress, the AFM site is frequently and easily updated by the Argonaut team.