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When looking for the latest web trends over the last few years parallax design will be in the top five each and every time. It has quickly become a strong and very natural part of the design landscape. So how good are parallax websites? Parallax in web design involves making items and assets on a web page move at a different speed to the rest of the page when a user scrolls through. This provides a 3D effect to elements of the site. Done subtly this type of design can be incredibly effective and build a beautiful user experience. Over used and it can effect the performance of a website and make a user reach for the sick bag – they’re always close at hand right?

There are a few negatives to parallax websites, the main one being that they don’t translate well to mobile, but we thought it would be fun to compile a short list of the sites we believe use the parallax effect for the power of good.

How good are parallax websites

Apple iMac Retina

Apple Parallax website

Ok, so this one is a little obvious but wow, do Apple know how to work parallax. A powerful, clever and memorable website that’s done with subtlety.


Perth web design parallax

Nope, we’ve got no idea what that is on the side of her head either but that’s all forgotten quite quickly when you start to move through the site.


BeoPlay parallax website

Beautiful use of colour and tone combining with subtle movements to create a very classy site. Not enough to sell us the headphones but still very cool.

Dreaming with Jeff

Squarespace websites Perth

To promote their web building platform Squarespace partnered with actor Jeff Bridges to release an album of sounds to help people get a good nights rest. We’re not sure how the two connect but the website is beautiful and Squarespace scored a lot of press.

Sony - Be Moved

Sony Parallax website

Sony’s claim of being engineers and artists comes together on one of the most incredible parallax sites we’ve ever seen. Moving up and down a web page has never been this much fun!

Wired UK

Wired website UK

Horizontal scrolling has been around for a while now but never really taken off. The creative tech minds at Wired UK have managed to make it work – could this be the next big creative leap for websites?

Anton and Irene

Parallax websites in Perth

Two designers out of Brooklyn have created one of the oddest but coolest websites we’ve seen. It can’t be described – just click the link.

Boy Coy

Websites Perth

A long time favourite here at Start Digital, Boy Coy are a Polish design team that have made very effective use of animation and flat colours.